Get into archery
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Your guide to getting into archery

It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. All ages and abilities can line up together to test their aim, making archery one to enjoy with friends and family.

With loads of indoor and outside ranges, you can practise archery whatever the weather.

Archery builds and strengthens muscles and concentration. Co-ordination and balance are key to your game. And your upper body strength will be put to the test every time you pull back your bow.

Get started

There are plenty of beginners’ courses you can enrol on at one of the UK’s 1,200 clubs. Make sure you choose a club registered with Archery GB, the sport’s governing body.

Archery GB has a beginners’ guide with tips and tricks to help you get started.

Target archery

This is the sport you see in the Olympics. Men stand 100 yards away, women 80 yards, and aim for in the inner ring of the target. The closer you get, the higher the score.

Field archery

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If you fancy a day in the countryside or out in the woods, battle the elements and give field archery a go.

Intro archery

If you’ve never tried archery before or would like to get back into it, Intro Archery is for you. It’s a complete introduction to the sport, in just six lessons.

Mini archery

Archery is great for kids, particularly those who don’t enjoy taking part in other team sports. Arrows is for primary schools and introduces young children to archery in a fun and safe way.

Disability archery

People with a wide range of disabilities get involved in archery. Clubs around the UK offer local, national and international competitions.

The British Wheelchair Archery Association can help with information and training.