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Your guide to getting into cricket

If The Ashes has inspired you to get on the pitch and hit the ball for six, then you’re probably not the only one.

From club cricket to Twenty20 and hitting indoors, the sport has plenty of forms to keep you on your toes.

Get started by searching for a cricket club near you in England and Wales or see where you can play in Scotland.


Fast and furious, the short-format of the game – where two teams have one 20-over innings each – is hugely popular.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has a version called Last Man Stands, an 8-a-side game where sides can only be bowled out when all eight players are dismissed.

Women's cricket

There are more than 600 clubs in the UK offering cricket to women and girls. Whether you want to play for fun or battle for top honours against the best, see what’s on in England and Wales and Scotland.

Cricket Throwing Ball

Indoor cricket

When the British summer is no more, or the rain is hammering it down, you can bring the game indoors.

There are several variations including soft ball cricket played on a specially-designed tension net court.

Easy cricket

Easy cricket is aimed at getting people of both genders and all abiltiies involved in the sport in a fun and engaging way.

It uses minimal equipment to make it as easy as possible to play.

Disability cricket

You can also find out about opportunities to take part in disability cricket in England and Wales or take a look at the British Association for Cricketers with Disabilities.