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Your guide to getting into curling

One of the more quirky Olympic sports, curling is a fun game of accuracy, skill and concentration.

Two teams of four take turns to slide stones on a sheet of ice towards a target of four circles called a ‘house’. The aim? To get closer to the centre of the house than your opponents.

The team captain or 'skip' directs which shots their team plays. Using a curling brush, players 'sweep' the ice in front of their team’s stones to melt it slightly, helping the stone travel further and in the direction they want.

Disability curling

Wheelchair curling involves a delivery stick, which players use to push the stones along the ice.


Try curling sessions

First timers, head to the Try Curling website for the latest taster sessions and beginners classes across the UK. Stones, brooms and inspiration provided.

Find out more

For news and links to local clubs, check out British Curling, Welsh Curling Association and the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in Scotland.