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Your guide to getting into ice skating

It’s fast, exhilarating and has been around as long as the Vikings.

Ice skating is great for your muscles and even better for your mental health – especially if you get yourself to an open-air rink. An hour speeding about the ice will burn about 800 calories, as well as improving your flexibility and your balance. It works your heart and lungs and increases concentration (you’ll need to focus on staying upright…).

Speed skating

It started out as a practical way to get quickly across frozen lakes and rivers in the Netherlands. You’ll rarely see it used as a mode of transport these days, but speed skating is one of the best aerobic workouts you can get, building muscle strength and endurance.

Figure skating

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Fancy dancing, jumping, spinning and twisting your way across the ice? You don’t have to don lycra and sequins to enjoy figure skating, but it’s definitely the sport at its most artistic.

Find out more about the sport in all its forms at the National Ice Skating Association’s website.

Where to learn to ice skate

Skate UK is the National Ice Skating Association’s skills programme for skaters of all ages and levels.

Most rinks in the UK will have a registered Learn to Skate course. Find your nearest rink.

Start young

Even tots can learn to ice skate. Check out Skate UK’s programme for under fives.