Get into squash
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Your guide to getting into squash

A ball, a racquet and a wall. That’s all you need to get started with this simple, speedy game.

Squash is a mean cardio and muscular work out. And it can be pretty fast… The ball can reach up to 170 miles per hour. Each match lasts around 40 minutes – plenty of time to work up a sweat on the court.

Join the 500,000 people across England who play squash every month.


It’s just like squash but with a larger racquet and a bigger, bouncier ball. Check out the rules of racketball.


Squash Equipment

Most clubs and sports centres will hire out rackets and balls quite cheaply, so you’ll just need to turn up with some sports clothes and shoes. Remember to ask if you’ll need trainers with non-marking soles.

Squash for children

Mini Squash is the perfect introduction to the game for kids aged five to 11. It uses specialised equipment designed to help them learn the basic skills, while they develop coordination and balance.

Disability squash

The English Deaf Squash Association provides opportunities for deaf people of all ages to play squash – from open tournaments to friendly matches against hearing people at squash clubs across the country.

For details of disability squash in Scotland visit Scottish Squash and Racketball Association, and for Wales, see Disability Sport Wales.

Where to play

There are around 4,300 courts in England to choose from.

Universities, colleges and schools have some of the best courts in the country – and they usually open to the public outside of usual school or college hours.

Most leisure centres offer a pay and play option, so you’re not tied to a membership fee like you are with a sports club. Fees are usually around £8 for around 45 minutes.

Clubs are the best option if you’re looking for some coaching or want to take part in a local league.

Looking for a coach, court, course or competition? Find it here.