Get into swimming
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Your guide to getting into swimming

Take a splash and enjoy the water – whether you’re learning to swim, keen to try out a different stroke, wanting to get fit or just after some fun, there are plenty of handy tips out there.

There are more than 1,500 swimming clubs across the UK, and British Swimming’s Pool Finder is a good place to start to find one near you.       

It also has some great guides on improving your strokes, wearing the right goggles and swimming in a straight line.

Learn to swim

If you’re new to swimming and want to learn how to start, as well as read some inspiring stores from people who have learned to swim and tips on how to battle nerves, British Swimming has some helpful advice.

Open water swimming

Since it was introduced to the programme of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, open water swimming has grown even more in popularity.

There are events throughout the year, and the Outdoor Swimming Society has information on how to get involved.

Aqua fitness

Aqua fit

Swimming can also become a unique gym class. Aqua fitness, which includes aqua jogging and high-energy aqua Zumba, is great for the body and lots of fun.

Para swimming

If you want to get into para swimming, contact a pool near you to find out what sessions they put on. If it’s competitive swimming you’ve got your eye on, British Swimming has a handy guide for you.