Table tennis
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Your guide to getting into table tennis

Table tennis, ping pong, wiff waff. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a great way to get moving, sharpen your focus and have a good laugh. 

Why table tennis?

Fun, fast and cheap, it’s suitable for every age and every fitness level. It improves mental and physical agility, and with lightweight rackets and ball, is gentle on joints.

One of the fastest ball games, it can get your heart pumping and improve stamina. In professional table tennis the ball whizzes back and forth at up to 100mph – though you might have to practice a while to smash that.  

Give it a shot

You can start playing anywhere, even on your kitchen table – you just need a net, two rackets and a ball. And at 9ft long, a table tennis table is small enough to fit in a garage or back garden.

Most local sports centres have tables for hire for a few pounds, or find a local club in England, Scotland or Wales.

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Get in the loop

For a less conventional venue, play in one of hundreds of bars, cafes or outdoor spaces. Loop, a Table Tennis England initiative, has loads of ideas and even encourages workplaces to get involved.

Great for every age

Children can play from as young as four, and it’s even recommended for people with dementia as it stimulates brain function.

Disability table tennis

A truly inclusive game, disability table tennis is on the up. Contact your regional Table Tennis Association for information on how to get involved.