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Your guide to getting into volleyball

One of the most played sports in the world, volleyball will get your heart racing, burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

It’s fun and sociable – two teams of six battle it out to stop the ball hitting the ground their side of the net. And you need tight teamwork and great coordination to win.  

Inside, outside, on the beach, sitting down…it’s suitable for every age and every ability. Dig, spike and block your way to victory.


Grab a ball, chuck up a net and get playing – in the park, on the beach or in your back garden.

On the beach

Fling yourself at the ball, dive into the sand and smash your opponent. Massively popular at the 2012 Olympics, exercising on sand gives an even more intense workout. Find an event near you.

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Keep out of the rain and play indoors at one of the many leisure and sports centres around the UK. Improve fitness, coordination and make some new friends. Find a club or event through Volleyball England, Scottish Volleyball Association, or Volleyball Wales.

Go spike!

For a great way to start, try Go Spike Big Weekends this summer. With 100 events right across England – try it out, on your own or with friends, and make your volleyball debut.

Sitting volleyball

Fast and exciting, sitting volleyball packs a punch. Played on a smaller court with a lower net, you sit on the floor and move yourself around. It’s truly inclusive – with disabled and non-disabled players competing alongside each other at club level. Keen? British Volleyball can tell you more.