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How to become a hockey volunteer

Kit person, club manager, event organiser, tournament director, committee member, fundraiser. Whatever volunteering role you take on, you’ll be a vital part of the hockey scene.

Become a Hockey Maker

Have a laugh, make new friends and get some branded gear. What more could you want? Become a Hockey Maker and join thousands of volunteers across England who regularly help out at games and events.

For opportunities around the UK, go to National Associations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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Coach a team

Introduce first timers to the game or get teams ready for tournaments. Coaching is critical work and super rewarding. Email coaching@englandhockey.co.uk or get in touch with your local club for more on how to get involved.

Officiate or umpire

Get close to the action and experience a different side of the game. If you have a keen eye and a good understanding of hockey rules, you might want to try officiating.

Are you firm, fair and flexible? Find out more about umpiring.