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  • Top 5 good home exercise equipment;
  • Dancing as a sport can lose weight with salsa.

Find interesting topics to help follow to maintain a fit figure. Already a million fans follow the news, immersing themselves in the world of health.

Good nutrition and movement are the main drivers of progress

About 70% of scientists consider sports to be one of the main engines of progress. According to scientific studies, running can make you stronger and smarter. So start moving and eating healthy.

List of countries by obesity rate

Country %
Nauru 61.0
Cook Islands 55.9
Palau 55.3
Marshall Islands 52.9
Tuvalu 51.6
Niue 50.0
Tonga 48.2
Samoa 47.3
Kiribati 46.0
Federated States of Micronesia 45.8
Kuwait 37.9
United States 36.2
Jordan 35.5
Saudi Arabia 35.4
Qatar 35.1
Libya 32.5
Turkey 32.1
Egypt 32.0
Lebanon 32.0
United Arab Emirates 31.7


How to begin eating healthy food:

  • Focus on Real Whole Foods (aka Clean Eating);
  • Connect To Hunger;
  • Experiment with your Macronutrient Balance;
  • BE easy, gentle, and curious with yourself;
  • Avoid Highly Processed Foods.

Start taking care of yourself, sign up for dance classes, run, and love sports teams. This is the first step to a perfect body. Just 5 minutes of exercise can strengthen your muscles and activate your brain.

How do I work out if too lazy?

Laziness is a belief, so start small. Otherwise, it can lead to poor health, obesity, and health problems. Motivate yourself to be active.

  • Sign up for a dance class to start feeling the rhythm;
  • Get body pumped up with unusual sports;
  • Take part in a challenge or marathon;
  • Set yourself a goal and go for it with small steps;
  • Discover a community of aspiring fans;
  • Start betting on sports;
  • Motivate yourself with activities and victories;
  • Challenge friends to start own motivation;
  • Exercise a few minutes a day to pump up brain activity.

To start fighting your laziness, just need to get off the couch and get moving. You have to want to change something and we provide that opportunity for free!

Does dancing help tighten the body?

Trainers all over the world offer dance as an alternative to sports. This is an easy way to lose weight and unload your brain by focusing on the rhythm. 73.4% of all dancers are women, while 26.6% are men. Dancing helps to engage the muscles.

5 reasons to choose dancing:

  1. Dance Boosts Cardiovascular Health;
  2. Dance Promotes Flexibility;
  3. Help With Weight Loss;
  4. Good for Bone Health;
  5. Builds Core Strength.

According to the Mayo Clinic, dancing restores balance and helps develop core strength, which helps improve posture and prevent muscle injuries and back pain. On our website, you can learn dance techniques from world-class trainers for free.

If you choose Volleyball

Team sports can help build family relationships and relieve stress. Learn to play volleyball or basketball, if you don’t know how to do it, we have some simple tips to improve your skills. You expend the same amount of energy spent jogging a mile by playing a vigorous 12-minute game of volleyball.

According to Harvard Medical School, a person can burn between 90 and 133 calories during a half-hour game of non-competitive, non-beach volleyball, depending on the person’s weight, while a sports game of volleyball burns between 120 and 178 calories. Playing volleyball for an hour on much less stable sandy soil can burn up to 480 calories.

When you serve, you must follow the ball with your eyes, and strike the ball at the right point. Fight stress at work and pump your body to the max at the same time.