How to play rugby – beginners’ guide

A game of rugby is an easy way to get your mind off things and to improve your tactics and strength. It can be played as a family if you get bored with football.

A bit about rugby: a brief history and rules

To begin with, it is a team and contact sport. It’s not hard, but it does require good physical fitness and an understanding of the rules, otherwise, you might get in trouble with the referee.

Rugby is considered a traditional sport in England, Scotland, Australia, and India. There are many sports clubs in these countries that offer assistance to newcomers in becoming athletes or fans.

Country Number of registered players National Sport
New Zealand 150,727  Yes
South Africa 405,438  Yes
Wales 83,120 Yes
England 382,154  No
France 542,242 No
Fiji 122,453  Yes
Tonga 23,873 Yes
Samoa 13, 249 Yes
Ireland 101, 922 No
Scotland 49, 265 No
Australia 230,753  No


Most popular rugby players:

  • Antoine Dupont (France)
  • Ardie Savea (New Zealand)
  • Maro Itoje (England)
  • Michael Hooper (Australia)
  • Taniela Tupou (Australia)
  • Aaron Smith (New Zealand)
  • Lukhanyo Am (South Africa)
  • Cheslin Kolbe (South Africa)
  • Tom Curry (England)
  • Sam Whitelock (New Zealand)

What you need to play

A basic kit for the game will comprise:

  • Spiked cleats to make a better connection to the ground;
  • A rugby ball;
  • Uniforms (shorts, shirt, headband);
  • Comfortable clothes to change into after the game;
  • Towel to wipe off sweat;
  • Protection for hands and feet if just learning;
  • A water bottle;
  • Tracker (could be a smartwatch or fitness bracelet).

All this is given out at sports clubs. Save your money by renting the equipment you need.

Game rules

If American football has 2-3 key players, then things are a lot more interesting here. There are no helmets and no defense, you can only throw the ball backward, and you can throw it an infinite number of times.

The main objective is to create a loss for the enemy team. By the way, one team consists of 15 players, but if you have fewer people – no problem, you can play as is.

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